Global Partners for Fathers and Families, LLC is an international consulting firm whose mission is to grow client services and funding through expert grant writing training, technical assistance ​and the use of technology. 

We are led by our President/Founder, Patrick J. Patterson, MSW, MPH, national grant writing trainer and expert. ​As a grant writer, Mr. Patterson has successfully written and led grant-writing efforts that have resulted in $51 MILLION in State, Foundation, and Federal grant awards, including multi-million dollar grant awards during both of the President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama Administrations. 

​Over his career, Mr. Patterson has successfully delivered more than 700 trainings, keynotes, workshops, and technical assistance sessions in ​42 states and 4 countries.

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November 4, 2017
NC Male Achievement Conference  
Here's what organizations and individuals are saying about Global Partners For Fathers & Families, LLC
"We won our first grant after completing this training! For any small or large church or non-profit looking to learn how to secure grant funding, this training is for you!"

Rev. Michael Robinson, Sr. Pastor
Greater Enon Missionary Baptist Church Philadelphia, PA
"I have served as an executive director for 17 years. Patrick taught proven techniques that have already proven valuable to our organization. It's TRULY the "BEST" grant writing training that I've ever attended!

Kim Best, Executive Director 
Family Resource Center
Raleigh, NC

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